Garuka Bars

Handmade with Vermont raw honey to provide the best tasting, best source for pre-exercise energy.

Our bars are handmade with Vermont raw honey, our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we donate 1% of all profits to mountain gorilla conservation.

Here's what folks have been saying...

"I’ve had a ton of energy bars before from brands that have come and gone, and hands down this was the tastiest thing I’ve had. I don’t hype stuff unless it’s good. This is coming from someone who normally hates energy bars.” -Hans, Vermont

"Garuka Bars made a shipment to me last week after Maria Lamb (US Speed Skating Olympian) brought in samples for our team! I love the bars and have switched from Clif! Yum ;) ” -Jamahl, Utah

"The Garuka Bar is hands down my go-to energy bar. Love it! Really delivers on the raw honey. Keep them coming.” - Eric, Vermont

"The Garuka Bar was excellent! Great flavors, great ingredients. This was a fantastic energy bar, and I hope you do well with them.” -Greg, New York

"I just got the free sample in the mail today. Only thing I can say is I hate you and my wallet is going to be 24 bucks lighter come payday…Things were delicious and I could taste each ingredient instead of, "what is this?" with the other bars I’ve tasted. I think I even licked the wrapper once…” -Allen, Tennessee

"Recieved my Garuka Bar sample yesterday…Devoured it this morning…It was amazing. Thank you.” -Zach, Florida

"I am going to have to convince my husband that we need to pass on prodeal Cliff bars and convert to Gorilla Bars :) It was that yummy. I think this is about as close to a whole, natural, unprocessed food as you could ever hope for in an energy bar without making it myself. Thanks for making a product like this." -Shelley, Maine

"That granola bar was the straight dope. Best bar shaped food I’ve ever had. I will definitely be ordering some.” -Devon, Maryland

"Very impressed with Garuka Bars! Their first test was an 8 mile run that turned into 12, and I didn’t feel hungry the entire time. My most important criteria for endurance nutrition are content, taste and texture, and the GB excels in all three categories!” -Lance, Utah

"THANK YOU! I have a fussy competitive ski racer son who ate one of his coach’s bars and voila! A winner! THANKS!” -Brigitte, Vermont

"The best present I have received! I hate "energy bars" because they are full of preservatives and nasty stuff and I can taste that aweful aftertaste. I am an all natural, home grow, make from scratch, CSA, vegetarian food consumer who is an avid Athlete of many sports for over 35 years. These are just AWESOME...I may never make my own bars again they are that good! just awesome!" Anita, Vermont

"Garuka Bars = Purely AMAZING. Everytime I eat one I just have to go; num-num-num….Great taste, great energy, GARUKA BAR!” -Kurt, US Army

"I just got your bar in the mail the other day. It was delicious! Really freakin good. Nice and sweet and chewy and hearty.” -Jamie, Colorado

"Got my free sample bar today…WOW!!! Garuka Bars are the best energy bars I have ever tasted, hands down! I am ordering more today. Thanks for making a great nutrition bar in my favorite state of Vermont!” -Thomas, Florida

"Honestly, the BEST bar I have ever had! Energy level stayed up much longer than it normally does before needing a GU and it made my tummy so happy – no sugar/caffeine/carb spike and drop! I will be spreading the Garuka Bar word out here on the West Coast!" - Frances, California

"So I brought one of the new flavored bars (banana/cinnamon) on a split boarding tour this weekend. SOOOOO GOOOD! I like this flavor even better than the original! Thanks again for making such a great product!" Max, Vermont

"I AM IN LOVE. WOW. Holy cats, these are FABULOUS! I must admit, I’ve only had the Original and the Lime Coconut Endangered before this, but this may be the best snack bar I have EVER had in my life...two enthusiastic thumbs up (sticky with honey lol)." -Krista, FL

"My younger son, Andrew was the first family member to order Garuka bars. He brought them to us last Thanksgiving and I was hooked on the "specials" he brought with him. We now have 3 generations of Garuka bar lovers!" -Deb, RI

"I m addicted to these things. Thank you for making THE VERY BEST BAR I've every eaten while keeping shipping low. You have a fan and the very best free advertising I can give you!" -Cory, TX

"I ate TWO and the're f@*#ing GREAT!" -Amy, CA

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