Garuka Bars

Handmade with Vermont raw honey to provide the best tasting, best source for pre-exercise energy.

Our bars are handmade with Vermont raw honey, our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we donate 1% of all profits to mountain gorilla conservation.

Why isn't our honey organic? Three words: free range bees.

We think bees should be able to buzz wherever they want, and we trust their judgement in finding the best pollen to turn into the best honey. The only way to get organic honey would be to lock the bees in a bio-dome, which just seems unnatural.

Our raw honey is honey straight from the hive, that has only been coursely combed to remove any non-honey debris.

It doesn't get any more pure or natural.

Garuka Bars proudly uses Vermont-Made Raw Honey from Champlain Valley Apiaries.

Champlain Valley Apiaries (CVA) works hard to reduce the stresses on their bees and to create an environment that assists the bees to naturally overcome diseases.  It's important to Garuka Bars that our honey comes from beekeepers who take a progressive approach to beekeeping, the environment, and sustainability.

Healthy, happy bees make the best honey!

  • CVA allows their bees to raise their own queens.  Letting nature take its course promotes natural selection and genetic diversity, which helps the bees develop natural resistances to disease and parasites.

  • CVA uses only organic treatments for controlling Varroa Mites, the greatest source of stress on bees today, sparing the bees lives and allowing them to evolve a natural resistance and co-exist with the mites.

  • CVA bees, unlike most commercial apiary bees, are fed on their own honey during winter.  Bees that consume their own honey are healthier and develop stronger immune systems.

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