Garuka Bars

Handmade with Vermont raw honey to provide the best tasting, best source for pre-exercise energy.

Our bars are handmade with Vermont raw honey, our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we donate 1% of all profits to mountain gorilla conservation.

It starts with helping an opponent up after a tough tackle, choosing to use a reusable water bottle, or carpooling to the gym.  There are billions of us on this planet, and if we all went after simple goals like these as wholeheartedly as our goals on the field, there's nothing we couldn't accomplish. 

Yes, we are a small company, but we believe in our ability to contribute to big change.  We choose to use fully recyclable packaging instead of achieving a longer shelf life with other materials.  We choose to use real food ingredients and no preservatives.  We choose to be involved in our greater community and to support socially responsible causes like wildlife conservation. Our impact is small, but it is real.  And with every new supporter the effects of these actions multiply. 

Whether or not you choose to purchase Garuka Bars, I sincerely hope that our actions and our words will  inspire you to consider your role in achieving change in our shared communities.  We're all in this together, and if we all do a little, we can do a lot.

-Mike Rosenberg, Founder and President

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